(Press Tab to put the camera into free mode, then scroll to zoom in/out)

(Press ESC to see the controls, instructions, and sound settings)


Earth is lost... Plague, war, and pollution has forced humanity to come together and look to the stars in the hopes of finding a new home. Having limited supplies, a compromise was made while creating enough colony ships to save the surviving human populace. There is only one scout ship.

You have been chosen to pilot the Crash Override; a scout ship fitted with a one of a kind hyperdrive system. It is your job to scout a promising candidate to ensure it is habitable. 


(Tip: A safe landing speed will be around 5 km/s)


  • W and S = Throttle Up/Down
  • A and D = Steer Left/Right
  • Shift + WS = Change Throttle Faster
  • X = Zero Out Throttle
  • Space(Hold) = Accelerate Time
  • ESC = Pause
  • R = Restart
  • Tab = Toggle Free Camera
  • Scroll = Zoom In/Out
  • Right Mouse Button(Hold) = Pan (In Free Camera)

This game was created within the month of November for the  GitHub GameOff Jam 2020 with a theme of "MoonShot".

Github link: https://github.com/dsmith111/GitHub-Game-Off-2020


Alex McCutchen: @jeremylullaby

Joshua Snow: @JoshuaSnow3

David Smith: @The_David_smith


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JoyRideGalaxy for Windows 31 MB
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JoyRideGalaxy for Mac 37 MB


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Cool game! Lots of similarity with mine!